Amethyst Eye Studio (amethyst_eye) wrote in wiccancrafts,
Amethyst Eye Studio

I am new here!

Hello! I am new to this community and just wanted to share my jewelry shop with you. I mostly make PMC and polymer clay stuff.

I just posted a whole bunch of new jewelry that I have made over the past couple of weeks. Please check it out and buy something! You know you want to! >:)

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You should link the picture :)
Ooops! I meant to lol. Thanks for reminding me.
No problem, and don't forget, the www. is unnecessary, for example, my etsy shop address is:

Thanks! I am new to all of these communities and stuff. By the way, I checked out your Etsy shop. Cute stuff! I added you as a favorite.
Thank you and ditto! I've always wanted to work with metal clay, but I'm starting with poly clay first to see if I have any talent ;)

Good luck :)