Kristin (malicious_pengy) wrote in wiccancrafts,

I'm interested in selling stuff for this winter's craft fairs, but I'm running into a slight wall, and I'm hoping for help here. I have several items I'm planning on stocking up on before school starts again and I get all busy, but probably my favorite is an ornamental book like this:

Top view:

Page view:

My other book, which belongs to my mom:

Pretty, yes? (Please say yes?)

Okay, now for the problem. Take a close, close look at the text. You'll find mostly song lyrics. Copyrighted song lyrics. Being a bit of a dumbhead, I can't think of any good text.

If anyone wants to help me, that would be spectacular. I'm really, strongly aiming on making a few Wiccan-themed books, hence the posting here. Each book takes about 5 full pages of text. These two have no repeats, but it would be okay with me if they did, as long as it wasn't too short a loop.

If you have a favorite prayer/meditation/story/anything you would like to share, it would be muchly appreciated. As long as it isn't copyrighted, erg. If the text demands a certain color scheme or imagery, please mention that, too.
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