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Wiccan Crafters

The Place to be when you're Crafty

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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for all those crafty wiccans out there. This is a great place to share ideas, hints, & tips about making Anything! It doesn't have to be wiccan, & neither do you. If you want to join, feel free! All I ask is that you have an open & creative mind!

This is a NO ADS community. If you make a post about selling something, the post will be deleted & you will be warned. If you do it again you will be banned. I don't want to have to enforce this rule, but I like having ads cluttering up a craft community less.

Memories! Looking for a specific craft idea? Check out the Memories! I've catagorized them, & now I'm just starting to bulk them up with different ideas for projects! & feel free to contribute too! :)

Want your post added to memories? Check out The Rules to make sure yours will be added!
& if you need ideas for what to post about, there's a brief list of ideas in that message! But don't limit yourself!

So come in, feel free to post poetry or other writing, pictures of things you've made, recepies, hints & tips for making things, ideas, & actual projects!

Things that will get you warned & your message deleted:
Pimping other communities without permission (if it's for a good cause, or you think it's relevant, contact tiger_melanie & ask her first)
Pimping your auctions, sales, whathaveyou
Completely off topic posts (that's what your Private journal is for)

Things that will get you BANNED
Not holding up your half of a trade
Being rude to other people
Trying to force your views on others (I don't mean disagreeing, I mean saying someone else is wrong & your way is the right way)
Doing any of the above after you've already been warned about it

If there's any problems, contact the moderator tiger_melanie either by e-mail or posting in her journal & let her know.